In November, I reported various persistent XSS vulnerabilities in AOL Mail to the AOL Security Team. They replied quickly and fixed the vulnerabilities in less than 90 days.


Using an unclosed tag, it was possible to inject arbitrary javascript code. The payload ran as soon as the victim opened the site because the code was in the e-mail preview.


18/11/2017 - I send the report
28/11/2017 - The vulnerability is fixed and I’m rewarded by having my name written in the Hall of Fame

After the update of the desktop version, I contacted the security team again because the mobile version was not fixed.


28/11/2017 - I send a new report
12/12/2017 - The vulnerability is fixed
23/03/2018 - Public disclosure


It was possible to inject javascript code via vCard import. This vulnerability was closed before I submitted the report. Well done!


23/03/2018 - Public disclosure


In the mail contacts it was no longer possible to inject any code, but if a text field of the vCard contained javascript code and the victim clicked on the Printer icon then the payload still ran. This vulnerability was less severe than the first, but I reported it to the security team anyway.

Blind stored XSS in AOL Mail via vCard import

18/12/2017 - I send the report
21/02/2018 - The vulnerability is fixed
23/03/2018 - Public disclosure

That’s all folks!